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Shanghai Evangelion Athletico San'chez FC Fisico Carpe Diem Draconian FC Fleet Street SC Selborne Laguna FC
The PEP™ World Series

The PEP™ World Series runs alongside the PEP™ as a monthly tournament.

The World Series is desgined to give teams competiive games between PEP Tournaments in a round robin format.

The only months the World Series do not take place are May and November when the Majors of the Copa Olympia™, John Eggars Invitational™ and the PEP istelf are held.

 Month Tournament   Winner   Runner Up  
No World Series Events Were Held in 2015
  PEP XVI | CHAMPIONS Fleet Street Athletico  
  PEP XVI | BOTR SC Selborne Evangelion  
 May 2015 PEP XVI | EVRO CUP Shanghai Laguna FC Results
  PEP XVI | DECEM TROPHY San'chez Draconian FC  
  PEP XVI | DFL FC Fisico   -  
 December 2014 World Finals Shanghai Athletico Results
 November 2014 PEP XV | CHAMPIONS Shanghai Athletico  
 November 2014 PEP XV | BOTR Evangelion FC Fisico  
 November 2014 PEP XV | EVRO CUP Laguna FC Fleet Street Results
 November 2014 PEP XV | DECEM TROPHY Draconian FC Carpe Diem  
 November 2014 PEP XV | DFL San'chez   -  
 October 2014 J-League Draconian FC San'chez Results
 September 2014 US Open Laguna FC Athletico Results
 August 2014 Charity Shield FC Fisico Draconian FC Results
 July 2014 Tour de Force Fleet Street Laguna FC Results
 June 2014 Kings View Cup Fleet Street Draconian FC Results
 May 2014 PEP XIV | CHAMPIONS Shanghai Fleet Street  
 May 2014 PEP XIV | BOTR Athletico SC Selborne Results
 May 2014 PEP XIV | BOTW Draconian FC Carpe Diem  
 April 2014 Grand National Fleet Street Evangelion Results
 March 2014 Spring Classic Fleet Street Athletico Results
 February 2014 Rose Bowl Draconian FC San'chez Results
 January 2014 Pro Bowl Athletico Fleet Street Results
 December 2013 World Finals Shanghai Fleet Street Results
 November 2013 PEP XIII | CHAMPIONS Fleet Street Laguna FC  
 November 2013 PEP XIII | BOTR Athletico Draconian FC Results
 November 2013 PEP XIII | BOTW FC Fisico Carpe Diem  
 October 2013 J-League Fleet Street FC Fisico Results
 September 2013 US Open Draconian FC Laguna FC Results
 August 2013 Charity Shield Laguna FC FC Fisico Results
 July 2013 Tour de Force Shanghai Draconian FC Results
 June 2013 Kings View Cup Laguna FC Athletico Results
 May 2013 PEP XII | CHAMPIONS Shanghai Evangelion  
 May 2013 PEP XII | BOTR San'chez FC Fisico Results
 May 2013 PEP XII | DFL Carpe Diem Draconian FC  
 April 2013 Grand National Shanghai Fleet Street Results
 March 2013 Spring Classic Laguna FC Fleet Street Results
 February 2013 Rose Bowl Shanghai Fleet Street Results
 January 2013 Pro Bowl Shanghai Fleet Street Results
 December 2012 World Finals Shanghai Draconian FC Results